Agricultural Finance

A guide to agricultural finance

Do you need more information about farm loans and agricultural finance? We can help.

We understand that meeting nutritional benchmarks, feeding your wider community and, of course, running your farm business profitably, requires a steady investment. 

A farm loan or agricultural finance can be used to buy farm machinery and equipment or to develop the way you distribute. You can complete building works. Or, even purchase farmland or stock for growth or scaling.

Our industry specialists understand you will need access to the right funds so that you can maintain and expand. Better yet, we are experts in unlocking finance for agricultural businesses.

Please read on. We have put together a list of some of the different types of finance that you can access. 

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Common reasons why our clients use agricultural finance

Purchasing new vehicles
You need the right tools for the right job. Updating assets can be costly in the short term, but necessary to drive new revenue.

Purchasing new farmland
Additional acreage or a unique property opportunity may come available at any time and often at short notice.

Farmers have used their capital to expand increasing revenue and reduce risk.

Renewable energy
Renewable energy projects can be a welcome source of additional income and enable under-utilised land on a farm to become profitable. Or even turn waste products into revenue. Government incentives are only adding to the appeal of renewable energy. Construction finance could allow the farmer to retain ownership of the entire business and then access cheaper funds once the project is operational.

Farmers can develop, renovate or repair property for capital appreciation and income generation.

Livestock finance
Farmers often need finance to expand their livestock holdings, where facilities can allow them to make informed purchases or sales.

Tenancy right to buy
Tenant farmers sometimes have a right to buy their land. Brookfield Finance may be able to help with a loan based on the open market value of the land. As opposed to the actual discounted purchase price.

Recovery and restructure
To take control and rationally plan during times when financial pressure is acute.

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Hire purchase

Hire Purchase

  • Hire Purchase is one of the most well-known ways of buying large agricultural items like vehicles and farm equipment.
  • You pay a deposit (which is typically 10% of the total price). Next, you make regular monthly payments to complete the purchase.
  • The long-term commitment that you make is for the purchase of the item/s involved, however, full ownership does not actually pass to you until the final payment is made.
  • Equipment, machinery or vehicles may be repossessed if you default on the agreed monthly payments.

Agricultural Finance Lease

  • With a finance lease, you do not own the machinery or vehicle, but you will have sole use of them.
  • You pay a rental fee and are usually responsible for the upkeep.
  • An agricultural finance or farm finance lease is usually for the long-term. Stretching over the working life of the machinery or asset.
Finance lease
Operating lease

Operating Lease

  • An operating lease, however, is generally used for a much shorter term. For example, one to five years instead of the lifetime of the asset.
  • The leased equipment is returned to the lender at the end of the agreement.
  • Or, the operating lease is renewed through the mutual agreement of a new lease.

Are you paying too much for your Farm Finance?

We obtain the most effective low rate finance for all rural businesses. Including: agriculture, farming, horticulture, equestrian, estates and all types of diversification. We work quickly and without fuss. Our loans can fit virtually any purpose. At Brookfield Finance, we know that different types of farming business have different needs. We provide solutions that overcome your challenges and help you grow your business. so that you can focus on simply doing your job.

  • Farm Purchase
  • Mortgages & Re-Mortgages
  • Bridging Loans
  • Finance for Land
  • Equestrian Finance
  • Diversification
  • Short & Long Term Loans
  • Adverse Credit

How else can we help you?

Our clients vary in terms of their financial status and their mission. Some already own some form of country-based assets and simply want a better deal. Assets could include a farmhouse, land, buildings or other country property.

Other clients are looking to buy their dream estate.

Many need finance to fund a diversification project which will produce income. Or they are expanding their farm or replacing expensive debt.

Some have run out of cash on a building project or could be under heavy financial pressure.

Age need not be an issue. CCJ’s, arrears and having no proof of income will not prevent us from considering your case.

  • Livestock Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Green Energy Projects Finance
  • Property & Land Finance
  • Project Finance

Why use Brookfield Finance Ltd?

  • At Brookfield Finance, we have considerable experience in helping clients to expand their businesses by accessing the funding that is needed.
  • By considering your unique needs, we will find the business finance solution that is most appropriate for your business and your industry. We will then present you with the most financially attractive options to help you move forward quickly.

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