Business Expansion Finance

A guide to business expansion finance

A guide to business expansion finance

Are you looking to scale your business operations? If your business has sustained growth for several years, then scaling or expansion is likely to be something you have considered.

And why not? If you attract more customers and increase sales, then you are making a more significant contribution to the bottom line profits for your whole enterprise.

If this is you, then ask us about a business loan for expansion. We have helped many small and large businesses to achieve their goals and supported their expansion to run smoothly.

Why might you need a loan or finance for business expansion?

Here are some opportunities for expansion that our clients have taken advantage of:

  • You see market opportunities in diversifying the range of goods you are currently selling. 
  • You have identified new, previously untapped markets into which you want to expand. 
  • Additional research and development will enable you to enhance the quality and value of the products you sell. 
  • Expansion of your business might allow you to trade internationally – importing from foreign suppliers at more competitive rates and exporting your products to a considerably broader international market. 
  • Hiring additional staff will help push forward your expansion plans. 
  • Relocation of your business premises to a different part of the country could allow costs to be reduced and output raised.

    All of these could be excellent opportunities for your business. However, additional working capital is likely to be needed to make the most of the opportunities that you have recognised. Here is where business expansion finance (a business loan for expansion) will step in.

    What types of finance are available?

    Business expansion finance may come from a number of sources, but the following may be of particular interest:

    Equity Release Business Finance

    • Not only for owner-occupiers of private residences. Equity Release is also available for your commercial property. 
    •  If you have paid off the larger part of any mortgage balance, have owned your business premises for several years and the property has increased significantly in value, then equity release can be the answer to unlocking the cash tied up in the property. 
    • While still allowing you to continue to run your business from the premises.

    Business Angels for Business Expansion Finance

    • Have you ever watched the popular television programme, the Dragon’s Den? Then you will have seen business angels in action. 
    • But, you do not need to go through the pains of auditions to get Business Angel Finance. There are an estimated 18,000 such angels at work in the UK. 
    • A Business Angel is a wealthy individual who is prepared to invest their private funds into a viable business, in return for a share in the equity. 
    • But be aware, shared equity may mean that a business angel also assumes a share of the decision-making in your business.
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    Why use Brookfield Finance Ltd?

    • At Brookfield Finance, we have considerable experience in helping clients to expand their businesses by accessing the funding that is needed.
    • By considering your unique needs, we will find the business finance solution that is most appropriate for your business and your industry. We will then present you with the most financially attractive options to help you move forward quickly.

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